Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Additions!

     Hi guys!  Just wanted to let you know that I've added two new "widgets", like an app, onto my blog and they are great to use!

     The Wellternatives is awesome!  You can find whatever food your craving, planning on eating, or already ate and see all the nutritional information from most restaurants.  Nutritional info at places aren't usually clearly defined for you to see, so this is a great way to easily search whatever you want instead of going to each separate website to look for a menu or nutrition.  PLUS, it gives you a healthier alternative that is just tweaked a tad.  For most of these foods, you may have not even known about the options offered for a healthier meal outside of your kitchen!

   I also added Inspirational Quotes that change everyday.  I know that I love seeing or hearing little motivational quotes or sayings to get me going or to make it through a long day.  So if your ever feeling just, well "blah", and need something to pick you up to finish your report, go to class, or hit the gym, just check it out for a little help.  One quote I think about is from Tim Tebow (perfect man?):

"Push me for greatness, because I know I can get there."

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