Wednesday, February 23, 2011

H20h So Important! Drink Up!

     Hi there!  So my last post was about how important sleep is and as I lay in bed typing this - probably should've been asleep an hour ago - I though about another important part of staying healthy - H20!!  8 glasses a day help keep everything hydrated and moving through your system, as well as gives your skin a healthy glow!!  And especially with the weather getting warmer and more days by the pool or time spent outside exercising, you'll need that water next to you!
   Yes, we all love our sodas, coffees, smoothies and juices.  They are all fine, in moderation, just make sure your still downing the water.  I admit, I LOVE Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi, going through them a few times a day.  BUT, I try to limit myself to one (if that) a day.  It's hard, especially since I can't keep away from a cold Diet Pepsi fountain soda, but the less you drink the carbonated drinks, the less bloating, water retention, and MORE hydrated you'll be (from your water overload)!
   If you love the bubbles, try Crystal Bay's carbonated flavored water.  They have flavors like cherry, strawberry, peach and white grape.  The drinks are delicious and zero calories, but again it's not an even trade with water.  ALWAYS carry a water bottle with you.  Sometimes, I'll grab a Smart Water because the bottles are larger and last longer.  You can also carry around your own water bottle and fill it up at different fountains.  If I'm around my apartment or driving, I like this type of cup shown below.  They are cute and very easy with a straw!  Stay thirsty, my friends!

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