Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday = Fresh Start!

     Hi there! Hope everyone had a great weekend!  Speaking of weekends, isn't it hard to stay on track with diet and exercise when all you really want to do is lay around and snack on everything you can?  It's definitely a task to stay on top of things, but why waste a week of hard work on a weekend?  That's why I feel it is very important for everyone to have something to look forward to, you need a GOAL.  This goal could be wanting to lose pounds for a future trip, tone arms to wear a killer dress, or just make sure you eat as many fruits or vegetables as you can.

     After spending this past weekend home with my family with a full fridge of snacks and multiple meals out at my favorite restaurants, I realized how important a GOAL is in your life.  For me, I  am going on a cruise for Spring Break with 20 of my friends and I want to walk around in a bathing suit with no image problems or anything to worry about at all - so, when I went to P.F. Changs with my family and really really wanted the Sweet and Sour Chicken and fried rice, I remembered that would not help me get to my goal and opted for the Asian Grilled Salmon.  That being said, we are always working toward a goal or maintaing a goal, so any decision you make could help you move forward or move you further away from your goal.

    My one problem with keeping my goal is my love of sweets - chocolate especially - which you can't really have all the time.  I recently found the perfect treat called Vita Tops (check them out here).  There are the best part of the muffin and only 90 - 100 calories.  With flavors like chocolate chip, peanut butter chip, and apple crisp, there are so many to options to satisfy your cravings.  Vitalicious also makes brownies, breakfast sandwiches and large muffins for snacking.  Check out the website and go pick up a box in your local grocery store, usually in the frozen foods section.  Trust me, my freezer is stocked!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Hi There! :)

     Hey Everyone, welcome to my new blog!  I'm really excited to start blogging about something I worry and live around everyday - being healthy - because I feel that even if you don't need to lose weight, it's important to live a healthy lifestyle, as it just makes you feel better about yourself!  I'm always trying to stay healthy and I'll admit, it can be VERY hard.  As a new 21 year old living the sorority lifestyle, it's not always easy to hold back on that scoop of pasta, piece of birthday cake or even that one more beer out at Swamp, but it will be worth it!  I've never been a stick and have always needed to stay active for my body type, but luckily I have an athletic build and love sports so it goes hand in hand.

     The biggest problem I have, along with many of my friends, is loving MY body.  I see my size 2 friends and get so jealous, but my fit body and muscles are great - or at least people tell me that - so this journey is all about loving your own skin and being comfortable in it.  So my first piece of advice is don't base your judgment off other's bodies, because they aren't and will never be YOU!

     The tool to help you get there that everyone should use is  You can sign up for free and track all your meals, drinks and exercise everyday.  The logs give you hints, your improvements you've made and even the amount of calories you've had that day.  All you do is sign in, type in what you ate (they have brands to click with servings), log your exercise  and everything is at your finger tips!  Enjoy!